New to Canada Programs

Mortgage Loan Insurance

Newcomers to Canada play a major role in Canada’s population growth. CMHC and Sagen (formerly Genworth Canada) help newcomers realize their dreams of homeownership in Canada by offering insured financing.


Newcomers with permanent resident status have access to all CMHC and Sagen Mortgage Loan Insurance products (subject to product specific eligibility requirements).

For permanent residents with limited credit history for whom foreign credit bureaus are not available, CMHC and Sagen continue to consider alternative sources of payment history for Loan-to-Value ratios up to 95 percent.

Newcomers with non-permanent resident status have access to CMHC and Sagen insured financing up to 90 percent loan-to-value ratio for the purchase of a single-unit owner-occupied residential property.

There are no additional fees or premiums based on residency status. Only the standard product-specific premiums apply.

No minimum period of residency required.

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Benefits to Newcomers

  • Access to homeownership: newcomers with permanent residence status can purchase a home with as little as five percent down
  • Competitive interest rates: access to CMHC insured financing, and as a result, competitive interest rates from many banks in Canada
  • Availability: access to the program anywhere in Canada with no set maximum loan amount
Home Mortgage Renewal

Program requirements Include:

  • Down payment: five percent is the required minimum down payment from one’s own resources. Down payments must be available in a Canadian Bank account prior to the mortgage funding. Down payments cannot be in the form of a gift; furthermore, there must be proof of funds for 90 days prior to financing.
  • Proof of income: To prove income, a letter of employment from your current employer confirming length of time at the company, your annual salary including bonuses and confirmation that you are not on probation are required. A recent pay stub will also be required.
  • Proof of credit: It is ideal to have at least two years of good credit history with the Canadian Credit Bureau. If a Canadian Credit Bureau report is not available to you, then an international credit bureau or letter of reference from your bank should suffice.

If you are ready to take the plunge, let us know and we will contact you to get the process started!


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